Tuesday, December 05, 2006

well here we are the day before i leave to france and im freagen nervous im wiggin out lmao not sure this one will go ive been to paris twice in my career and both went well i guess lol i dont know i wasnt watching me dance lol so i dont know anywho its been a while since bein on stage and im doin it one last time but big in france this is gonna be nutz i guess i allways get nervous before i perform but who doesnt right i dont know i see it this way im a perfomer and i perform for people whom some like it and some dont but fuck it gettin paid for makes it all the better lmao

any how i guess im saying this for other performers as well it aint easy pleason every one right cause you cant but for the ones i can make a diffrence for i have done my job and who says porn and strpping is easy anyway it takes alot to build up the balls and cons to come out and just bare all but you know what i love it and ill do it every chance i get cause i just love to feel freeeeeeeee lmao

balls justa swayin lol any who i guess i am just venting dunno but if it make sense then so be it and if you to like to live free do it every chance you get its better if you have a friend more fun hint hint lol ok peace im out gotta finish packin shit one my peeps - check out tiger tyson productions