Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tiger Tyson

sup every one been a couple of days since my last blog so here is whats been going on just completed another movie and one that i am sure it will be loved by many.
also did some racing over the weekend didnt do to well but its all good you win some you loose some right gonna be workin on the engine over the next couple of months gotta get a 10 sec car or less wont complain im sure alot of other racers feel the same.

also did some fishin this time some night fishin and caught a sweet 20 pd striper she was deffintly the mother load of fishin cause wound up catchn 4 more right after all between 17 and 20 25 pd it was nutz biteing off of clam and squid out on the bays next plan on renting a bout do some deep sea fishin any how till the next time my peeps peace out at