Sunday, September 09, 2007

whats really good everyone hope all is good in the hood well at least in yours cause mines is getting bananas , beauty shops getting shot up while kids are in side, grocery stores getting robbed at gun point. just the other day a teen was shot and killed 2 blocks from my house. its like wtf people when are we all gonna wake up man you got inocent kids getting killed mothers and fathers who own a buisness and work hard all for what to have some ass come along and threaten your life take yours and then laugh about it what the hell have we come too im not sure any more i wonder just how civil our lil world is seems it falling apart at the seems.

i really wish we could stop the violence people and really make sense of our mistakes were doing nothing but showing our young ones that when times are hard you just get a gun and go take it not good not good instead we should be teaching our young to work hard in school love your self tresure your family and allways lend a hand it goes along way when you do the most important things in life other then just allways want want want . try giving to the less fortunate when you can provide help and elder across the street spare a lil change to the homeless smile tell someone hello today it helps alot and people will seem more open to a warm smile then an ugly frown. any way im out im mad gonna go burn up a tree (lol) peace