Sunday, December 03, 2006

whats poppin every one end of a nother long week getting prepared to go to paris will be there for week as some of you may know this allready anyhow this ione will deffintly be for the books not sure if this is ever been done before but im sure this is gonna blow em away imma make sure of that.
also just started getting ready for christmas decorated my house with all the christmas lights the children love it. also i just got my tree a 9 footer fraiser fern i think that is how you spell it, is there any one else out there who like real trees instead of them wire trees. also lmao i havent started christmas shoppin yet not sure what im waiting for i guess cause ive been so busy with work and all ah better yet im gonna do my christmas shopping in paris im sure that will make a lot of faces smile in my fams. any who tell me what your going to be up to and how is your christmas going to be spent.