Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tiger Tyson

sup every one just finshed another movie with an extrodnary bottom im sure all who have watched him in action they love em also dude did an excellent scean with me yesterday he was the perfect bottom for me im sure when you get to see the scean at

also had a good couple of races the other day one 1 out of 2 also soon im thinkin of starting my own auto club.

had a great weekend at the hamptons until the drive home when some idiot ran off the road spun back on the road doing a 360 right in front of my car and thank god i was able to barrel threw foot on the gas and got passed him while he was completing his 2nd 360 right on the side of me i slung pass he hit the shoulder meadian totaled his car and again thank god i was able to clear him and get my family to saftey allthoug i do hope the guy is ok still an idiot any how lets see what excitment comes this week.