Friday, January 26, 2007

Boing immmmm back lol and better then ever that was some lil cold that kicked my ass was in bed for 3long days but all better now so now i can finish what i started before i got sick.
I remeber writeing once if any one liked birds cause i am a huge fan of zebra finch birds so i decided to build them a flight cage well a cage for the birds i have lol any how its 6 x1 1/2 and i used material i baught at home depot cheap might i add. also i baught some wood and built the lil houses my self in all i built 7 houses to fit in the flight cage now there all one big happy family oh and i have a total of 13 finch's and hopefully with there new built home ill have more i guess more or less im gonna start breeding them i love em to def there not loud birds soft songs sung from the male. all though they are a bit messy when it comes to eating there seeds lord mercy they go every where but i also built a mesh to go around the cage so now less clean up but there still great birds to have as pets.if there are any bird lovers out there id like to know bout them hit me up .