Sunday, October 15, 2006

hello every one been a while since my last post so just wanna give you the low down on whats been going on just got back from a wedding from somewhere in hicks town in ny lol well see its like this every one there was country and here i am this city boy in there country town any how the wedding was wierd they had halloween decor
the food was only sandwiches and pizza and bear lmao it was not your normal wedding
also the groom was this 100 bodypierceing dude with a really big bone in his nose i kid you not and the bride oh my god it was just nuts never new weddings went like this any how i cant really say anything happen cause all i wanted to do is leave and get back to the city so i didnt stay as long as i should of but it took 4 hours driving in both dir it was a lil much for one day nd i like driving but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam my ass was hurtin when the drive was finally over lol any who im going out tonite ill let you know if anything interesssting happen.