Sunday, October 22, 2006

whats good everyone heres the lowdown i met up last nite with a couple of guys who have wrote me back bout the autoclub so i decided to meet up with them to get a look at there cars and i just wanted to say to all who showed up thank you and you all have good show cars and good show stopper cars such as the 06 evo that showed up and also the mammoth truck h3 with the cromed out engine bay tight rides guys

also wanna thank all the other scions that showed up any how i am deffintly gonna do the auto club and i need to think of a name now so i was thinkin maybe tp auto club or tt auto club not sure what name i should use or if you out there have some names you wanna throw at me please do also as far as the auto club i am gonna make up a package to give to all auto club memebers also im gonna throw a party not sure when but it will be a nice party for all autoclub members.

well while every one chatted about each others cars all the cars were open for full display and poundin out the bass it was thumpin so hard the floor was shaken any how i had a great time last nite so heres to the next meeting boys also if you wanna join in just let me know.