Wednesday, April 25, 2007

whats good whats good every one just wanted to touch on a serious topic that should not go untalk about and the topic is... A I D S... we should all pitch in and make sure all young and old are aware and on point when it comes to wrapping it up i cant tell you how important it is to get the knowledge on safe sex and practicing safe sex allways wrap it up before you put it in as i say but seriously aids is the one of the biggest killers of afroamericans and we have to start now teaching our young on how important it is to practice safe sex.
i have done research my self just to make sure i know all i need to know about this disease and i tell you coming from me and being in my buisness its very important to wrap it up cause you never know. so from mr to you please stay safe and wrap that big pinga up in a tire if you must but just wrap it baby wrap it we need you hear and now not wasted away in dust. ok peace