Friday, March 02, 2007

whats good every one up late on this one figure i go over a couple of models files see whats new getting alot of pics from all over east west north and south keep sending them in boys need as many as i can get for the next few yrs of films wanna make sure the supply n demand is allways there for all them loyal fans.

Also on to the next topic TRUST,LOYALTY and RESPECT.

TRUST is when you can trust that your brother will allways be true to you.
LOYALTY is when you never bite the hand that feeds you, but instead give your own hand in place for protection.
RESPECT is the bond you have for for each other to keep your TRUST and LOYALTY N RESPECT AS ONE BUT LOSE ANY ONE OF THESE THINGS AND THEY ALL SEEM SEPARATE have all three and you have family and love for ever which touches only one thing your heart so you see these three important things are truly one in whole .