Monday, May 19, 2008

whats good every one hope everyone is well n being safe.

speaking of safe i wanted to touch on a topic that a lot of youngins out there refuse to do the smart thing and wrap it up and more and more teens and young adults are getting infected i mean i know of a story where 9 people on one block in the bronx are infected and it's a shame and sad. any way i just lost a friend who got it from a guy who knew he had it and just didn't say anything and thats so scary and fucked up he knows he's basically a murderer i mean come on people this is nuts we have to do some thing now before someone close to you is gone from this monster. we have to start getting more knowledge of this virus called HIV which causes AIDS and start protecting ourselves in every way possible come on people wise up please ok on that note im out to do some more research myself. check out the adolescent AIDS projects in the bronx