Saturday, November 29, 2008

ok just got back in to town but running all over the damn place oh and happy late gobble gobble. also the video is finally finished thank god take em down 4 is done and holy moly your all gonna pop a vein when u watch this one.

oh also i want to thank southern nights for making my stay the most excellent i had such a great time and meeting all the fans that came out that nite also i was asked the question why dont i kiss or suck dick any more in my films well lets see if i can answer this one last time.

well for one doing the job that i have is all sex no feeling well as in with your lover, i mean. there are just somethings a person would like to keep special or personal to him or her self and when your with you lover u want certain things to be meaningful and with feeling so i decided to leave out kissing and dick sucking to keep more personal to me and i do hope all my fans understand this but hey there is a real d=good side to this what about if your my lover hey you never know and then at least you can sit back and say hmmmmmm lol feel me any who i hope that help.

okay now back to take em down 4 you wanna know who is in it and whos not in it well your just gonna have to wait till it comes out lmoa lol im so bad lol rrgrgrg.

and i want to shout out jean gray one of my most devoted fans i dont know u but i definitely know ur name.