Sunday, November 08, 2009

so what the deal everyone hope all is well, as for me you allready know it aint easy owning a porn company but somebody has got to do it. you know 13 yrs ago i would have never thought id be part owner to one of the top latin, black gay porn company's but then again id never thought id be doing gay porn either and in all this time that has passed i have met so many people, some good same bad and some just down right nutz, but i am grateful for all that has come my way and i want to thank all my fans who feel we in some way connect and im honored to be a voice for gay rights and believe definitely in equal rights for all no matter blue green white or yellow.

so what the deal diesel i see many people are eager for me to pound that booty out and according to your poll dunno you might be in trouble lol hmmmmm my Tiger Tyson platinum series just keeps geting bigger love it when i get a challenge to take em down.

as for who i want to work with id say everyone i just wanna fuck lol soo if your ready come on down ive got nut for days lmao