Thursday, January 24, 2008

This has been the year for a lot of great nominations for me! Aside from being nominated in the categories of Best Actor and Performer of the Year for the GAYVN Awards, which will take place in San Francisco on February 16, 2008, my movie Tiger Tyson's Eiffel Tower was also nominated in three categories: Best Picture, Best Ethnic Themed DVD, and Best DVD Extras! Wow! Then also nominated Pitbull Productions for Studio of the Year, and Eiffel Tower for GLBT Feature Movie of the Year.

So i just want to say thank you to all my fans and everyone who has stood by me threw all its been a long road and I'm not done yet imma ride this bitch to the wheels fall off so hold on baby cause we bout to blow the hinges off the door with all my new title's too be released but truly i owe my biggest thanks to the one person who made all this possible and thats my partner in crime "ebizzel" with out you none of this would have been possible so now it's time to pop some bottles baby boy.

yo see you all in san fran should be fun peace.