Saturday, March 28, 2009

lmao lmao lmao okay im trying to figure the right response for the dude who blew his top on my blog know im not sure where you get your info but your source is as bad as the cia who knows where bin laden is lmao. as i have stated before you have to relax and wait like everyone else a movie is not made overnight and if it were you would be putting out a trash that no one would buy so lets see it took me 11 years to start my own porn business. im just curious are anyone of the dudes who puts these statements up are porn stars or producers and im sure your neither one so let the pros handle the biz and the fans should stay fans. any who i will release td4 when its finished completely but then again im sure some haters would love for me to put bullshit out but sorry not gonna happen when i am happy enough with the finished product i will release it so like i said relax and enjoy my other movies.

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