Thursday, October 11, 2007

whats good every one hope all is well as for me im still smashin em out every chance i get also it seems to me that tigers take em down 3 is under way and the first couple of sceans have been shot and all i can say is holy shit you all are gonna go nuts when you see this new video.

also im in persuit of writeing a book so make sure you keep logging on to find out more info its gonna be a tell all book so should be a shocker to many lol.

also i want to thank all the many film critics that has been veiwing my new movie tigers eiffle tower and have been giving it a great review i really wanted to make something that will catch your eyes and i can see i have fulfilled my duty so im excited.

shit also last nite was cooking and burnt the shit out of my arm nothing serious though thank god but them damn ovens are fucken brutal lol be careful when cooking people lol cause i know i sure should.