Monday, July 21, 2008

whats my fellow peeps hope all is well as for me doing great.

was out in da clubs last nite scouting out the talent saw many who would look great on screen but ofcourse the shyness kicks in and its a no go oh but they wouldnt mind doing it behind close doors lol too funny for me there is no diffrence wether your fucking inside or outside. im sure you all would agree and if not think about that for a minute if you ever done a threesome or did it on the beach or in the park or any where for that matter with more then one person then you could deffintly do porn.

dunno but if half of you who are to shy to get on camra would stop being so shy we would have alot more hot lookin people on film dunno maybe its just me i got balls and i dont bite my tounge nor could i give to flyfucks what anyone thinks! so lets go boys grow some balls and lets do these sceans lol i know alot of places i havent fucked yet that i could deffintly see as new sceans with new good talent.