Wednesday, July 16, 2008

whats good every one hope all is well sorry i havent blogged in a min but have been busy with some personal matters. any who its about this time we would have had the LA EXPO and i would have gotten to meet you guys again or for the first time its too bad they scrapped the LA show but at least we still have NEWYORK. also if you hadnt notice we have some new videos out so make sure you check out

oh i want to point out that i have been taking in your ideas on whom should get it for the next movie and i was thinking to my self wouldnt it be better to be in a film with a hot looking new person rather then someone everyone has already seen hope you all feel me on this but any who i haven't made a final decision yet so lets wait n see who is in my next film..

um also i want to touch on some personal matters guys i think its great when i see a new fan out and about but if you happen to notice me out and i happen to be with family id appreciate it if you hold in your gettyness hold your composer and let me be now if im in the club partying it up your more then welcome to come over and say hello there is a time and place for everything ok so please dont be upset at what im saying i need personal time too okay thank you for understanding.