Wednesday, August 13, 2008

sup evry one i just want to thank everyone that came out last nite. that club was packed wall to wall with tiger tyson fans omg i was lovin it.
got there last nite and around 12 30 started giving out some goodies but that didt last long i got barmbarded at the stage for everything i had it was wild lol then after let every one party, then at 130 did a best bunz contest and holy fucken shit was it crazy. first i got up the contestants it was 5 boys 3 girls and we threw on some do do brown and off the asses went poppin and lockin flipin oh it was crazy holy oh wait i forgot lmao yo right before the contest started one of the guys on stage decided he was going to do a hand stand and the dude fell flat on his face on stage in front of everyone i felt bad for him i asked him if he was ok but he just hid his face and ran off stage so to who ever you are i hope you didnt wak up this morning with a headache lmao lmao . any way we continued on with the show and it was narrowed down to 2 boys and one girl and at the end of it the girl won and left with the offical tiger tyson dildo and movie both were autographed by me right there on the spot and daaaaammmmnnn she had a big ass lol. any who so after the show i got down and mingled with the crowed and partied till like 4 am ohoh also i ran into kiko last nite holy shit all the rumors were wrong the dude is alive and kickin i was shocked a got a huge blast from the past but it was great seeing him alive and well any who imma go cook i got the munchies lol so ill see you all at the next event peace my nizzlez