Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Way You Like It

i remember it was really hot in miami when we made this movie in 2003 - and you can see how new to film making we were! it was really fun for me to watch it again it was only the second movie we made at pitbull and you can see weve come a long way since then it was a little amateurish it was hot as hell i didnt even remember that i actually sucked a dick until i just looked at it again no idea how that happened - it must have been all those coronas and the heat lol! youll have to watch the movie to find the spot where this happens im not giving it away and no i didnt suck the lollipop again afterwards - those of you who watch the movie will know what im talking about

so check out the entire Tiger Tyson web ring - its classic me even if I do say so myself - lol!