Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what's good whats good i just have to say i'm more happier now then ever i just got wind of some gossip that i will be put in the porn hall of fame not sure yet if its for sure but will find out in 3 weeks this is just nutz. i'm glad you are now seeing i do this work for all you guys and i'm glad i've been able to keep you entertained throughout my career i mean i didn't just wake up one day and say oh imma be a porn star it didn't work out that way but when times came to present change i just went with it and stuck to it and tried to make something out of nothing and i hope everyone realize i work hard at what i do. any way back to work shipping them dildos out has begun a frantic dash for me since getting them in fans are buying them up like hot cakes like whoa i wish i was each dildo that went out id like to see what everyone does with there own tiger tyson dildo. lol im sure it will be nutz lmao lol