Sunday, August 24, 2008

whats good every one hope all is well. as for couldnt be happier :>

any who how bout the redeem team winning gold finally over spain couldnt be happier bout that also whats good with michael phelps that fucken dude is a dolphin in human form lol yo ill give it to him when it comes to water he cant be touched bigups to him congrad on all.

also my jets seem to be lookin like they may due some over due damage this year know the we got farve too bad the giants lost some many key players not sure if thell recover but who knows nobody expected them to when the super bowl either.

also whats up with obamas choice for vp dunno but this dude might be setting him self up to fall or is he just a mere puppet why not clinton why not some one more near his level i mean he is supposed to be about change right so why does it seem he still needs some one to hold his hand why cause biden has been in senate for as long as the i think carter admin its like its a front cause every one says he lacks the experience feel me so lets put some one out the who does have the experience well then why didnt biden run for pres oh wait i think he did and blasted obama in one of there debates about not haveing the experience to run this country those where his words to be exact and said hell stand by it look dunno just felt like voiceing my opinion

oh and ps ... iread some funny statements that porn stars should be seen not heard well that was tooo fucken funny i couldnt controll my self when i heard that lmao lol ok your right so why do you have the volume on when your watching me bang out your favorite bottom oh lol like i said i still dont think hes gonna win just like i said clinton wasnt going to and its cause this country is not ready nor will it ever be ready for a black president i mean a real one lmao get one of them southerners deep south lol ok peace im out now you can talk shit lmao lol too friken funny i kill me or better yet let a farmer do the job .ok im out