Wednesday, November 14, 2007

whats really good my peeps? hope every is doing great and well as for me, i'm in excellent with health and happiness hope every one else is feeling the same.

funny thing we had a newbie in the studio yesterday first time on film and he was so adorable to watch he looked like a lost puppy at first and then after the the first couple of poundings he opened up like a black hole just sucking everything in sight we almost lost some equipment due to his ass lol too funny but the scene turned out great and i'm sure you all will enjoy the footage when its released.

also i;m still looking for models for new movies so if your looking to be in film definitely let me know send me an email and a pic of you with your info and no matter where you are we can fly out or how ever you prefer to travel we can get you here so if your some were other then new york don't worry send in your pix and info.