Friday, April 04, 2008

well well well thats whats up im glad i can please both sides of the table i enjoy when my female fans write in cause it shows me that i can reach every one on the highest levels of sex appeal and it means my movies are the bomb. so im happy. also i was reading some other blogs out there and i see some people cant understand why ive been accepted in the hall of fame before them, well all i can say is come work for me and ill show you why they choose me. (lmao) lol too funny come on people dont hate participate and its about time my work is put on the map i believe my videos are on par or better then most cause i give 'em what they want i make my videos for my fans so maybe if some companies try that they might get put on the map too but wha eva good luck to all my fellow companies this year. ok peace im out